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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Sponge Bob Panic Mood Sponge Bob Panic Mood
Climb the yellow stairs and dodge all monsters coming towards you. Sponge Bob does not have a difficult task but it is a little scary because it has not been through something like this. Clean the platform and complete each mission without getting caught!
Last Dinosaurs Are Here Last Dinosaurs Are Here
Such a story has an unimaginable dose of adrenaline. The boys are here for real action. Lead your revolution to victory against the evil cat empire and secure freedom for your people! Buy upgrades, manage your team and shoot guinea pigs strapped to rockets against a host of colourful animal enemies! Follow on screen instructions for more details.
Babies Fun Times Babies Fun Times
We need some babysitting activity ideas for little boys. Learn how to cope with a crying baby in minutes. If you're the kind of person who loves babies, then this game is for you! Work as a baby sitter and make sure to take good care of the babies. Use the mouse!
Arcade (827)
Monsters Monsters
Catch and eact all the falling snow-flakes
Sneaky Thief Adventure Sneaky Thief Adventure
Defeat the evil wizard and steal his stuff.
Planet Builders Color Scheme Planet Builders Color Scheme
An interplanetary story needs creativity and color. The boys are the main protagonists of this pastel story. The universe united and custom planets are the new rave. Attempts increase with levels so it gets harder to get the right color mix. Use mouse to play this game.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Colorado Fishing Tales Colorado Fishing Tales
Fishing has a magical side in Colorado. Our boy wants to fish stories and good memories. Raymond is a professional fisherman who enjoys fishing most and that that is something he can't imagine his life without. The lakes around Colorado have been always a challenge for Raymond. He wanted to go there but somehow he didn't manage to do that before, he didn't have enough time for so big excursion, until now. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and complete the game.
Dance in the Midnight Dance in the Midnight
A handful of lost objects can change the fate of this story. The boys were enrolled in special search team. The couple Gabriel and James, every year is organizing a party in their home for their marriage anniversary. The invite close friends for the occasion. After guests live the house, they always dance the midnight dance. Use the mouse and find hidden items!
Spell for a Real King Spell for a Real King
The royal family wants to help with a delicate matter. It's about hidden objects, clues and unseen places. The King is coming for dinner. I am a wizard, so I prepared a magical spell to do all the cooking. Find me some ingredients for this spell. Use the mouse to play this game.
Motorcycle (435)
KTM XC Enduro KTM XC Enduro
KTM XC Enduro freestyle motocross games for boys, learn how to ride bikes like KTM XC 150, Yamaha TTR 250, Suzuki DRZ 400, latest online motorcycle games for boys with KTM XC 150
Stickman Ride Tuition Stickman Ride Tuition
Because he is very weak, he can fly like the wind. He does not know anything other than first place! Stickman goes downhill on an adventure with the speed of light. Navigate over the lumps and bumps of a tricky downhill circuit in this popular racing game. Pull stunts for extra points, build adrenaline for a bonus. Use arrow keys to drive, Space to Jump, X for Superman and Z for No Hands. Have fun riding!
Husky Real Trial Husky Real Trial
Motorcycles are our lives and we enjoy every day when we use them. The real trials are waiting you in this moto trial game based on popular series. Complete all levels driving on time, performing flips of driving on one wheel. Use arrow keys to ride, Z for boost and X to jump!
Matching (494)
Candy Bars Memory Candy Bars Memory
Our memory is sweetened with smart and educational games. Candies have hundreds of colors, patterns and opportunities Match up the pairs of Candies in this fun memory game. There are so many different kinds of Candies in this game, so you’ll really have to put your memory to the test. Use the mouse!
Weather Matching Weather Matching
I wonder how the weather will be today? It will be hot, cold, it will rain? The boys are back in matching matches, among Celsius and Fahrenheit degree. You will see a field full of weather forecasts – sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy or just a shower. You must group them into rows and earn as much points as you can. Use the mouse!
Hidden Treasure Link Hidden Treasure Link
All the boys are treasure hunters. Lots of gems are waiting to be discovered. Can you find the treasure in this mahjong connect game? We are able to beat all records in the world. Connect matching tiles is our priority at this time. The linking line must not have more than two corners. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Puzzle (1775)
Hyundai Group Jigsaw Hyundai Group Jigsaw
Hyundai i30 Turbo, Sonata, Genesis, Veloster Turbo or Azera, are the best and most reliable cars on the market. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. But watch out on time, if it runs out you will lose! On sliding mode you should drag the pieces and make this puzzle. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Kia Niro Puzzle Kia Niro Puzzle
Kia Niro is equipped with an 1.6-litre T-GDi engine with hybrid electric drive, this is a great urban vehicle for those who travel on narrow and crowded streets. Boys will learn more about this vehicle from this puzzle. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse to play this game. Have fun and fix this puzzle.
Trailers Trucks Puzzle Trailers Trucks Puzzle
The most interesting trucks arrived in our garage. All the boys can test them in a charming puzzle. All of our equipment has been fleet maintained from day one. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Cool (2039)
Pool Party For Pets Pool Party For Pets
Animals have the right to fun just like us all. Pool parties are even more animated when it comes to animals. She has a pool that is meant only for the pets in the palace. Today she has arranged for a party which would take place within the premises of the pool. Adorn the place in an elegant manner. Use the mouse, be creative and make it funny!
Siquijor Hotel Siquijor Hotel
Siquijor Philippines is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Our group has invested heavily in the hotel and we need responsible and dedicated employees for magnificent results. You will be the a successful manager in this venture.
Vehicle Customization Vehicle Customization
You must change this car to make it look like the car from our dreams. You have the opportunity to be in the skin of an automotive engineer and make her look exactly as you want. Change color, glass, lights, and so on, the regulation of the suspension, body. Use the mouse to play it!
Racing (1800)
Toy Monster Expedition Toy Monster Expedition
Toy cars have personality, powerful engines and they need a driver like you. Crash everything on your way, collect bonuses and perform amazing tricks. You will get reward for everything you do. Try to collect maximum score on each level using different tehniques and different trucks.
Boys Are Good Drivers Boys Are Good Drivers
Be the best driver on games for boys, online racing games, How to Be a Good Driver, free on line games Tips For Safer Driving
Professional Jeep Parking Professional Jeep Parking
The jeep is a special vehicle, has a robust structure, is safe and durable. Boys must park it in the different locations around the city. You are facing obstacles as pedestrians, narrow lines and unexpected cars along the road. Watch out for every move and park your jeep without any collisions. Arrows keys to drive and Space for break. Have a great ride!
Multiplayer (147)
Tom and Jerry Are Best Friends Tom and Jerry Are Best Friends
Unjustified hatred turns into true friendship on gamesforboys. Tom And Jerry are now best friends in the world! Help them to collect all cheese and reach to the finish. This time Jerry must take hammer for breaking walls. Use WASD and arrow keys and have some fun with those two.
Double Kartz Double Kartz
When two friends go into a competition, everyone should be very careful. Challenge your friend or play by yourself. Use the mouse or keyboard arrows, Space to activate protection. IF you will play along a friend, player one will use: left and Right arrows to move, up arrow to activate protection and player 2: Z and X keys to move, S key to activate protection! Have fun driving!
Flash Pong Story Flash Pong Story
Pong is one of the earliest arcade story for little boys. It is a game that has stood the test of history, with over 50 years of existence. Have fun with a flash classic pong game with some twist. Use WASD and arrow keys to control the players.
Back to School (394)
Tree With Numbers Tree With Numbers
Tree With Numbers in learning games for boys. An interesting game with which boys can learn the secrets of mathematics. Learn to add numbers and improve your math level.
Math Monster Follower Math Monster Follower
Multiplication and division problems were introduced in primary mathematics of cartoon monsters. The boys will juggle through music and humor. Leave the top off the chocolate box too long and the monster will jump near the box of chocolates and start taking your chocolates. Get 5 chocolates for each problem you solve. Use the mouse to play!
Sum Some Links Sum Some Links
Mathematics has millions of secrets and the boys are here to find some of them. Time to flex your mental muscles on some new math and logic puzzles. Connect tiles so that the their sums match one of the goal values (4 = 2 + 2, 7 = 9 - 2). Round tiles can be used more then once. 3. Some levels also require that all cells in the grid must be filled. Use the mouse!
Shooting (983)
Commando Werzone Commando Werzone
Use mouse to place towers, launch allies and defend yourself in the this battlefield until the last breath. The enemies are attempting a sneak attack on Commando! Our hero is on the defensive. Take control and setup camp with the weaponry at your disposal. Fortify your ground and take down waves of enemies.
The Fly The Fly
Kill the Fly
Never Land Bubble Shooter Never Land Bubble Shooter
Jake and The Never Land Pirates are the most interesting characters lately. This is a bubble shooter with Izzy, Cubby, Skully and Marina the Mermaid. You need to clean the treasures off the field. Justo point the mouse to where you want the next treasures to go, and if three or more of them came together. Use the mouse, focus and have some fun!
Sports (737)
Nitro Ski Challenge Nitro Ski Challenge
Get on skis and try to do the coolest tricks. Side is difficult and full of obstacles so be careful not to fall. Collect coins to do upgrade your equipment for better results. Use the arrow keys and Space Bar. Good luck and adrenaline!
Hot Shots Hot Shots
The Magic Leg The Magic Leg
Hold down left mouse button and stop the ball, release to kick. While holding down the button, move mouse to point the ball in the direction you want it to go. The perfect training for tomorrow's champions.
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