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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
One Broken Horn One Broken Horn
A boy is responsible for the most daring missions lately. Another boy has to come from behind and rewrite history. Your hero has fallen because his horse tripped on a rock so your hero fell and roll inside an enemy castle. Now you'll have to help him escape! Use the mouse to play this game.
Unconventional Xmas Tree Design Unconventional Xmas Tree Design
Homemade Christmas ornaments are highly valued on gamesforboys. Our creativity and ingenuity can make a Christmas tree look fabulous. Click on the ornaments, then drag them to the desired location. If you change your mind about adding the ornament, click the X. To remove the frame around an ornament. Use the mouse to play this one.
Second Shadow Snake Second Shadow Snake
The snake has atomic speed and is more difficult to control him. The classic snake now has much higher ambitions and desires. The boys will join him to the end, on this long and hard road. Move your snake around the single arena, doding enemies. Grab glowing orbs to end each level. Use the mouse to control the snake!
Arcade (827)
Planet Builders Color Scheme Planet Builders Color Scheme
An interplanetary story needs creativity and color. The boys are the main protagonists of this pastel story. The universe united and custom planets are the new rave. Attempts increase with levels so it gets harder to get the right color mix. Use mouse to play this game.
Silly Cat Escape Silly Cat Escape
A cute little cat is going through delicate moments. Boys are here to solve another case. They decided to get rid of her with a cage and a bait. The cat fell into the trap as bait was a piece of meat. Help the cat out of the cells, using all their attentiveness and logic. Use the mouse!
Pong 2000 Pong 2000
Play Pong against the computer
Hidden Objects (1267)
The Dragon Lair The Dragon Lair
Dragons are sharers of the most interesting adventures in online games. Those boys conquered the world with their courage. Only the most courageous people can be successful in their mission to save their stuff. Karen and Kevin are the main leaders of the expedition that might be one of the most dangerous so far. They have arrived on the Farlow Island, where the biggest commune of dragons lives. Use the mouse, find hidden items and complete the story!
Amanda And The Roses Amanda And The Roses
Another floral competition is about to begin. Red rose is a symbol of love, yellow of friendship, orange of enthusiasm, white of purity and pink of joy. These are the most beautiful flowers on earth. This is a game about a girl and fragrance of flowers. She knows all about roses, about their development, she knows how they breathe so people know her as someone who is incredible in her job. Use the mouse!
I Am Ready To Work I Am Ready To Work
The workers are here to make everything look perfect. Those boys are legendary when it comes to finesse. The objects will be found, one by one, until at last. Put all the valuables away before they begin. Use the mouse, find hidden items and complete the game.
Motorcycle (435)
Intense Bike Ride Intense Bike Ride
The bike has modified suspension and a powerful engine so I advise you not to rush. Dirt motorcycles are a tribute to adrenaline. Show you hardcore biker skills and jump over every obstacles.
Hardly Cross Bike Hardly Cross Bike
Motocross motorcycles are going through a very delicate mission. It is the examination of our lives where we must shows what a real pro is. Get over all the obstacles on a level in the fastest time possible. Use arrow keys!
Fashion Doll Stunts Fashion Doll Stunts
A fashion doll may be the best motorcycle owner. Ride with Barbie on a bike and perform stunts and the audience will cheer. Turns out as much and earn more points to go down in history. Your have to complete your task to win each level.
Matching (494)
Equal Logic Pieces Equal Logic Pieces
Logic is able to answer some easy questions. Boys, well-made connections can bring us thousands of points. Your goal is to make all the circles contain equal number. To achieve this you need to transfer numbers between circles. The middle circle is the key circle. You need to connect other circle with middle circle by swinging other circles using button on the left and right side. Use the mouse and match them all!
Jewles For Heroes Jewles For Heroes
Match gems until they become priceless. Jewls can be found by heroes or people with supernatural abilities. The boys can do dozens of combinations in minutes. Choose a hero and beat all your opponents to claim the cup. You can play this game with a friend. Use the mouse!
Orbiting Christmas Balls Orbiting Christmas Balls
Adventures froze in winter mode and the boys are ready for what's best. This is a very different bubble shooter game where you will shoot balls towards swinging wheel of balls. Surplus of your score will help you to pass the next levels. Use the mouse!
Puzzle (1774)
BMW Truck Puzzle BMW Truck Puzzle
BMW truck are back for another tricky ride. An all-electric BMW 18-wheeler is ready to be rebuilt from pieces. Boys, show us what you know about the most famous German car brand. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl and Left Click. Use the mouse and fix the puzzle in minutes.
Boat Pipeline Boat Pipeline
Port waters are murky and have to circulate through these giant pipes. Drag and arrange the pipe pieces in a connect manner and form the way for the boat. Reach the target within the time limit. Use the mouse!
Hunga Hatch Hunga Hatch
Very cool game! Kind of tetris like!
Cool (2039)
The Perfect Pizza The Perfect Pizza
A tasty pizza is all about the crust. What do you think makes the perfect pizza? The boys will learn some things about Italian cuisine. A Neapolitan pizza must be topped with buffalo mozzarella and the tastiest San Marzano tomatoes. Being the new owner of a pizza parlor, you must utilize your pizza making skills to fulfil the hunger of your customers. Use the mouse!
Pet Chihuahua Fashion Pet Chihuahua Fashion
Apparel and accessories for Chihuahua dogs are not hard to find. We need a boy with design and creativity spirit for a fashion task. Dress your dog up in one of our fashionable outfits! Help this adorable chihuahua have an awesome outfit for today! Don't forget to surround him with these cute accessories. Use the mouse!
Test Pilot Career Test Pilot Career
Man has been fascinated by flight since ancient times. In this game you are the pilot of a plane that has to do a few test laps, to test the speed and endurance in difficult conditions. Fly your plane through power ups that make you go supersonic speeds.
Racing (1800)
Woodcraft Warfare Woodcraft Warfare
In this game we are allowed to experience different tricks with speed. Wooden vehicles must be reinvented and adapted to modern requirements. Your truck is awesome and you need to drive it like a pro through every level and explore the dynamic of this game. Use arrow keys to move, D to shoot and W S to move the cannon. Have a nice ride!
Steven Universe Auto Racing Steven Universe Auto Racing
Steven Universe started a new race. He is capable of funny tricks, when he drive the vehicle on hills and valleys. It's minimum driving experience, so without it you can not cope. The car is able to jump by pressing the space bar and collect coins. Use arrow keys to drive it and have all the fun in the world.
Nitro Stadium Monster Truck Nitro Stadium Monster Truck
Nitro alternatives for monster trucks have become increasingly present. We will provide more options for driving and the boys can enjoy them one by one. Plow through the colorful stadium levels like a pro stunt driver driver. Are you crazy enough to do it? Prove it now! Use arrow keys to drive and balance your truck!
Multiplayer (147)
Ghost Wiper Ride Ghost Wiper Ride
Two brothers decided to fight themselves for this mission. Those boys are real heroes for all of us. The voice in the phone talks about a huge house which is haunted, wants this house to be cleaned. The two brothers make tracks for the mysterious house by preparing their stuffs. The mysterious creatures in the house, traps and puzzles will make their job harder. Use WASD to move around, F for laser gun, player two use arrow keys and L for bomb.
Jump Over Everything Jump Over Everything
Jump Over All in new multiplayer game for boys. Use arrow keys to move and jump over wood, broken bridges or oil stains. Your mission is to get as far and to prove that you have agility. Play with your friends on a rainy afternoon.
Chubby Marvels Boys Chubby Marvels Boys
Marvels are superheroes who fight vigorously for a better world. Boys will train together with these supernatural beings, on a routine mission. This is a multiplayer game. The call to the rescue made them steal the show and take action. They run and use their fart skills to fly. Collect coins, avoid obstacles and reach the best distance you can. Use WASD or arrow keys to play it!
Back to School (394)
Cartoon Coloring Buddy Cartoon Coloring Buddy
Cartoon characters live in a colorful world. Without color, their universe is a sad story. The boys are here to paint for fun. Here is the best chance to check your coloring skill! Winnie the Pooh is out for a trip to the jungle and is having some chat with his friends.Make them appear colorful! Use the mouse, be creative and have some fun!
Mathematical Shop Mathematical Shop
It is a math game for smart boys who went to the mall, shopping. You have to buy a certain number of toys with a certain amount of money. You must learn to calculate, for your pocket.
Pinocchio's Names Pinocchio's Names
Carlo Collodi managed to create the most beloved character. Pinocchio wants to try new games and fresh adventures. The boy wants to create words longer than his nose. A set of letters will appear and our task is to make of them a name, a word or a slogan. Remember that time is limited!Use the mouse and make history.
Shooting (983)
Cara`s Pocket Launcher Cara`s Pocket Launcher
The artillery exercises can be funny, sometimes. Boys are part of field artillery battalion and will coordinate the whole situation. The little girl is going to get into the barrel of the gun and asks you to run it like a cannonball. Do not be afraid, it will not harm the brave girl, but on the contrary will amuse you and her. Use the mouse!
Retro Universe Attack Retro Universe Attack
Intergalactic battle has entered a new phase. The war that takes place in outer space and the boys must adapt to conditions and rally quickly with well-coordinated attacks. This is a retro space style of game with a space ship trying to destroy the enemy robots. Use arrow keys to move around, use Z to shoot.
Duck Hunt (clone) Duck Hunt (clone)
A very nice clone of the classic Duck Hunt game
Sports (737)
Golf On The Run Golf On The Run
Golf legends were reunited on games for boys. We have dozens of records waiting to be surpassed. You have to clear all the exciting levels by putting the golf ball in the holes successfully in minimum moves. To clear a level, first hit the ring with your ball and then reach the base of the golf hole. Remember. Use the mouse, plan your moves carefully and have some fun with the game.
A Super Over A Super Over
Enjoy a bat-and-ball game, a lesson of accurately and excellence. Cricket is a game for intelligent athletes, patient, eager for glory and greatness. Select the number of overs that you wish to play. Click to hit the ball and earn score. Use the mouse to swing the bat.
Juggle With Messi Juggle With Messi
The best football players in the world are training more than ordinary players. Argentines are known for their ingenious way to play. In this soccer game, Messi is practising juggling with the official ball of the World Cup. Use arrows to move and Spacebar to jug the ball.
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