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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Pony Lego Juniors Pony Lego Juniors
The LEGO universe took on a new dimension on games for boys. Colored pieces gives us another dimension of creativity. Heroes that are created from the world-famous Lego, are asking for your help. The fact that the main character, the owner of the whole farm, loves to play with his horse. But the horse can not learn how to perform the desired movement to catch the carrot. You need to manage the horse so that it catches favorite delicacy. Use the mouse!
Flashy Candy Ride Flashy Candy Ride
If you like sweets, chocolates and cakes in general, this is a game for you. In this virtual environment you can eat all you want. You can help a boy to get all candies controlling a big candy maze. You are waited by fascinating puzzles throughout dozens of levels. Use arrow keys to interact.
Yummy Cheese Barn Yummy Cheese Barn
This friendly mouse is hungry for three days. Cheese that dream has become an illusion in a while. Cheese is everything for him! It sees a big piece of cheese in the room but can't reach it to have a bite. Help the poor little animal to get some food. Have fun!
Arcade (827)
Ponky Ponky
Ponky is a special car that can jump over any obstacle. However, jumping will slow it down a little
Naruto Naruto
Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken
Xeno Blaster Xeno Blaster
Whack-a-mole type game where you shoot aliens that pop out of craters and UFOs flying around.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Ural 375 Hidden Tires Ural 375 Hidden Tires
Ural trucks are back with strength and unlimited power. Carrying capacity for Ural trucks ranges from 4.5 to 15 tons. In this game, we have an URAL 596002 pipe truck and you need to find all 15 tires for a given time or you game will finish. Watch on time and on mistakes. If you make more than five mistakes, the game will close. Click T button, and the time will be removed.
Terrace Evening Event Terrace Evening Event
We need new objects, to find answers, to elucidate this difficult case. Boys, focus and find hidden items in these precious minutes. Hey neighbor, could you come by a little earlier tonight, before the other guests arrive? I need help cleaning up the terrace. Use the mouse to play this game.
Rebecca On Holiday Rebecca On Holiday
Every trip needs careful preparation to make everything right. The boys will search for objects thinking about holiday. I decided to take a few days off and visit the nearby lake. I already packed the bags, but I made a bit of a mess. I need your help to put everything at its place, before the cab arrives. Letís begin. Use the mouse!
Motorcycle (435)
Ghostbusters Ride Ghostbusters Ride
Ride on an ATV with the Ghostbusters. The parapsychologists Peter Venkman goes first night on ATV and have to catch as many ghosts to complete the levels. The paranormal exterminator service must solve the mystery of ghosts, in the shortest time.
Motorcycle Instability Motorcycle Instability
Motorcycle Instability in games for boys, be the best rider out there. Select your favorite bike to take ride, balance your wheels and control your bike with exciting levels to finish. Collect points to score. Control motorcycle stability with acceleration and braking.
Crayon Shin Chan Crayon Shin Chan
A Japanese manga hero in motorcycle games for little boys. Shin Chan is the innate champion, a living legend who wants to show us what victory is. He went out to ride the bike, relax, enjoy the beautiful weather.
Matching (494)
Daily Fruits Connect Daily Fruits Connect
Fruits are the best friends of our health. Along with vegetables, the fruits are invisible soldiers of the immune system. This is another matching games about fruits, vitamins and health. Try to make fruit chains as long as possible. After a number of connections, you will get power-ups such as bombs and lightnings. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Rastafari Muffins Rastafari Muffins
There are dozen types fo breakast muffins but the boys will write history with one of them. Rastafari muffins are tasty and troublesome. Click a muffin on the board to swap it with the one in the monkey's hands. Connect 3 or more muffins to clear them from the board. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Cotton Candy Curse Cotton Candy Curse
When you see a candy, you say, you're welcome anytime! Boys, candies creates colorful and funny games every time. Make a cotton candy for them and serve what they want to earn more coins. If they satisfy they give you coins and be quick when giving them to earn more and level up. Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1775)
Mercedes E63 Jisaw Drive Mercedes E63 Jisaw Drive
Mercedes-Benz E63 is the ideal car for someone who respect their status. On Benz E63, this is the car of the year. Learn more about a great model from this jigsaw. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Use the mouse to play this one.
Audi A1 Sportback Puzzle Audi A1 Sportback Puzzle
Audi A1 Sportback is my favorite car. This car was made for crowded cities and wonderful holidays. The boys can learn more about Audi A1 Sportback Concept from this puzzle game. On sliding mode you should drag the pieces and make this puzzle. Use the mouse to play this game!
Metalic Revolutions Metalic Revolutions
The exit must be found in the most unexpected corners. Metallic wheel hide dozens, maybe even hundreds of solutions. The boys will find them all, one by one. Revolutions is a mix of physics and jumping ability stories. Just jump and roll to go to the exit. Use arrow keys to play!
Cool (2039)
Dollhouse Bedroom Furniture Dollhouse Bedroom Furniture
Dollhouse furniture kits are vital for those who want to build something special. Boys, pick quality dollhouse miniature bedroom furniture. Become a dollhouse designer and create sweet and lovely decors. Drag and drop the items, it's easy and fun! Use the mouse, be creative and have some fun!
Ice Age Sid Love Story Ice Age Sid Love Story
Sid, a ground sloth with complex personality, lives a beautiful love story. Initially, he was refused and decided to make a radical change. He needs help and advise from our boys. Sid is so sad and decides to change himself. Use the shower, clean his nose and eyes and help him dress up with nice clothes and accessories. Use the mouse!
Minion Skin Problems Minion Skin Problems
The sun is not always the best friend of the skin. Exposure in the afternoon is very harmful, the melanin can only protect your skin from the sun for a certain amount of time. Minion has serious problems with his skin and the boys must use dermatological knowledge of parents and help him. He needs urgent treatment to treat his wounds on face. Use the mouse to play this game.
Racing (1800)
Critical Delivery Critical Delivery
Everything happens quickly and shipment must arrive on time. Drive it as fast as you can without crashing and throw people the mail they are waiting. Make sure you use your turbo power to get some extra speed and maintain your balance all the way through. Use your arrow keys to drive, your 1234 keys to select the package, your space bar to throw it and your X key to activate nitro.
Municipal Vehicles Municipal Vehicles
You must keep the peace in the city and we must ensure that every driver does the same. Cool driving games for boys with attitude and civic spirit. Click on the car to make it move then click on it again to stop it. Parking on the cross walk is prohibited, so ram him !
Batman Night Race Batman Night Race
Batman received a warning and must get out on the streets to bring peace in the city. Try to beat the others and win this race! Watch out for the Joker! You can play the career mode, time trial or a single race. Use the arrow keys to control the car!
Multiplayer (147)
Ironic Zombie Co-Op Ironic Zombie Co-Op
Our war with these strange creatures landed on gamesforboys. Everything seems to be colorful. Even if the boy doesnít understand most of what zombie says, he decides to struggle against bad zombies by taking his gun near of him and the adventure begins. On the one hand the mocker zombie can carry the rocks and can throw them because of its strength. The result which can be expected from this unity, depends on you. Player One use arrow keys to move around, use Space to throw objects, Player Two use WASD to move, use F for weapons.
Flappy Finn and Friends Flappy Finn and Friends
The flight of those two should be long and smooth. Boys can call a friend, a neighbor, a buddy or relative to play this multiplayer flappy venture. Help Finn and Jake flappy as far as you can! Good luck! Use Spacebar and the mouse to play this game.
Volleyball With Pets Volleyball With Pets
All animals entered in this wonderful sport. The boys will help an elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe or pork to reach the highest step of the podium. Choose your favorite character and play with your opponent in volleyball. In order to win, try to avoid hitting the ball into the net, falling on your part of the playing field or beyond. Any of these omissions will lead to another goal and another step will bring you closer to loss. Use the mouse or arrow keys and become a legend!
Back to School (394)
Pick A Letter Pick A Letter
Pick A Letter and build a word, cool game for smart kids on Games for Boys, letter and alphabet activities, quizze .
Little Pony Quiz Time Little Pony Quiz Time
My Little Pony brought us a new quiz. Dozens of clasp questions about Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Princess Luna and Granny Smith. You have three lives to answer if this counts to 0 the game is over and you need to start at the top. Use the mouse and try to answer as many questions correctly.
Sketch Drawing Pins Sketch Drawing Pins
The boys will learn how to make an awesome pencil sketch on a picture. Have some fun with a sketch drawing tutorial. Your task is to draw the same picture that was shown by your memory. Red pins could help you to remember the shapes as you sketch. The more accurate you draw - the better score you get! Use the mouse!
Shooting (983)
Don't Kill Kenny Don't Kill Kenny
Raiders Took My Puppy Raiders Took My Puppy
The boys have mobilized the army for the cutest puppy in the world. The Raiders took your dog Scrappy! You met a friend named Bro that will help you in rescuing your faithful companion. Eliminate all your enemy and move on to the next level closer and closer in saving your dog! Use the mouse and Space to play this game.
Bubble Shooter With Teen Elsa Bubble Shooter With Teen Elsa
Kristoff and Olaf encourages us behind the scenes. Bubble shooter has worsened, became even more pronounced and entered the cinematography. Have fun with this version of a chilling bubble shooter with your favorite characters from the Frozen movie. Princess Elsa and Anna are waiting for some boys good at bubble shooter. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Sports (737)
Mini Game Mini Game
Golf game with cute nicely render female player
Street Basketball Training Street Basketball Training
Shoot the ball and train to earn a place on an NBA team. Keep the mouse pressed to change the ball's accuracy and power. A great champion does not give up in this basketball game. Use the mouse and score like Michael Jordan!
Spaceman Golf Spaceman Golf
When golf game gets boring, we intervene and change the rules to make it more interesting, more fun! In space, you can be like Tiger Woods. You have put your ball into a hole in the fewest moves. Pass various obstacles and traps that will force you to start over. For example, if you put your ball in a pool of lava, you have to start over! Use the mouse to play the game!
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