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Hidden Objects (1267)
A Christmas Together on Games For Boys A Christmas Together
At this time of year we all get together to enjoy each other. The boys started the hectic search of this winter. Follow this nice Christmas story and try to collect different items that will lead you to the next level and new challenges. Use the mouse and find hidden objects.
A Different Burger on Games For Boys A Different Burger
Are these homemade burgers bad for you? It depends very much on ingredients. Burgers are tasty and controversial. The boys must find the original image between these two. You can buy one from your town's most famous food chain, or you can make your own. However it is, it's still a burger anyway. Use the mouse, focus and find all differences!
A Furtive Quest on Games For Boys A Furtive Quest
A well-planned search can make us happy. Boys, focus on small details and you will find real answers. Your father has bought a new year gift for you and he hid it somewhere in the house. You know about it and canít wait till new year, search all places in the house and find the gift. Collect all necessary objects, solve clues and interesting puzzles. Use the mouse!
A Great Day For Me on Games For Boys A Great Day For Me
This is a great day on gamesforboys. We have a search perfumed by the scent of the sun. Some people enjoy just walking in nature and lying on the green grass, others prefer eating some delicious meal prepared by the river. No matter what kind of activity you want to do in nature, one thing is for sure we all love spending time out there between the green trees. Use the mouse, find hidden items and complete the game in minutes.
A Great Honor For Us on Games For Boys A Great Honor For Us
Honor deserve any attention and detail and the truth will come out as soon. Boys, find hidden objects around the house. The temple guardians allowed me to select some items for our museum of ancient magic. I must first pass their test to prove my worth! Today we decided to look for hidden objects in all sorts of images. We can use a high precision magnifying glass. Use the mouse, focus and find them all.
A Hidden Wish on Games For Boys A Hidden Wish
A burning desire can quickly become a nightmare. The boys should help in the search for objects. This girl made a wish to be with him for the rest of her life. After a while it seemed as a wrong wish, because Maddelin found out that Frederic is in fact a vampire. Use the mouse and find objects to solve the case!
A Memorable Walk on Games For Boys A Memorable Walk
A day like this can not be forgotten by boys, especially for those looking for objects. This man was walking his dog through the park when suddenly the dog gets rid of the leash and starts to run. Chasing the dog, the gentleman gets to a small house. The dog stays there while a really wonderful lady comes out of the house. They start a nice conversation and once they realize that they have numerous common interests, they continue walking the dog together. Use the mouse to find hidden objects!
A Town Where Time Has Stopped on Games For Boys A Town Where Time Has Stopped
Time can be our friend when we need to find misplaced objects. Our boys can find time for fine searches. Somehow we are always late for somewhere, especially when it comes to meeting our friends. In our city there is one of the oldest clock towers in the country. People that live there appreciate the time very much and almost no one is late. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and respect time and his laws.
A Wrong Address on Games For Boys A Wrong Address
A correct address is useful for everyone. Boys have started the search in the address book. I got box full of your stuff by mistake and my wife unpacked it. So, I have your things, but they are all over the house, come over and find them. Use the mouse, find hidden items and complete the game in minutes.
Abandoned Observatory on Games For Boys Abandoned Observatory
Due to the economic crisis, some departments funded by the government ceased to function. The old observatory was closed in the same case. Some of the boys discovered documents about the observatory which lead them to an adventure of finding the entrance that remained a secret. Help them find the room with objects. Use the mouse.
Above Happy Clouds on Games For Boys Above Happy Clouds
Beyond the clouds are hiding the most beautiful stories about unknown. The boys will lead the search team. A group of adventurers decide to go up in the heights with the assistance of a Balloon and are willing to find that mysterious castle. Now, they end up in Skyhold and they have to find a way how to fix their Balloon and to return back. Use the mouse and find hidden objects.
Abracadabras Adventure on Games For Boys Abracadabras Adventure
The most interesting stories are born on long journeys. The boys can learn a lot from this virtual journey around Dominica and Cuba. The Jefferson couple is part of the strangest adventures lately. During a trip to the Caribbean Islands, something unexpected happened. The storm crashed the ship and Jefferson had to live on one lone. Use the mouse, help them and find all lost items.
Actress Memories on Games For Boys Actress Memories
Find all hidden objects to finish the story in a positive manner. Boys, you are bosses of searching and investigations team. The story begins like this! My dearest grandchild, I am selling my house. Down in the basement are some of the props from when I was a theatre star. Please, go there and find them! Use the mouse!
Admirable Differences on Games For Boys Admirable Differences
How many differences you find in these photos in 3 minutes ? How different the two images appear together ? How important are the fine details when we want to separate the two entities? Use the mouse, focus and find them all.
Aerial Survival Instinct on Games For Boys Aerial Survival Instinct
Aviation brings flying stories full of adventure and suspense. Boys will have to search for items. This is about one very dangerous situation that happened to the members of a crew that flied over a jungle terrain. They were all fine, the pilot was a very responsible person as well but anyway, something completely unexpected changed the course of the things. Their aim is to find a remedy, come back to the place of the accident and leave the place together. Let's see how would they handle the situation. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and have some fun with the game.
After The Earthquake on Games For Boys After The Earthquake
Rescue teams are made up of brave and dedicated boys, trained to find things and objects in record time. The area does not look good and we have to find all lost items among powdered and puddles. An earthquake has hit this place in a time when all people are at work, making them feels even more helpless. You will need only your mouse to play this game.
After the End 2150 on Games For Boys After the End 2150
It is about a science fiction story that is located in 2150, many years after our existence. We can't say that it might be a prediction but according to this story, there has been a world war three and after that war, there has been an end of the world. Use the mouse and find some hidden objects!
After the Flood on Games For Boys After the Flood
These floods have shattered all my plans. Floods so dangerous and the boys must not forget this. Our task is to unlock every world and gather the three special keys. With these keys we can unlock the final bonus game. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
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