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3D Logic Cube Test on Games For Boys 3D Logic Cube Test
Any miraculous adventure takes place in a 3D cube. Boys must solve the cube. Try it to test your IQ level! Link every pair of colored markers to complete a level. You cannot link cells diagonally. Read help section for more details. Use the mouse to play!
ABC Coloring Lessons on Games For Boys ABC Coloring Lessons
It is said that the boys can learn more easily the alphabet when letters have different colors. Everything seems more vivid and animated. Have fun coloring the twenty six alphabet letters. Use the mouse, be creative and have some fun!
Adjustable 3D Chess on Games For Boys Adjustable 3D Chess
Chess with adjustable artificial intelligence is our proposal for the smart boys. If you're not very good at chess, never mind, here's your chance to improve your game, to test strategies and openness and to sacrifice pieces depending on time. By clicking on each piece of the board you will be suggested the possible moves. Use the mouse to play and click on the point of the chessboard where you want to move the piece. Have fun!
Adorning Math Leaper on Games For Boys Adorning Math Leaper
The accumulation of knowledge penetrated the winding canals of online games for boys. Leap and jump into power ups and candies to unlock new heights and achievements by answering math questions correctly. Test your math skills while avoiding nasty slime that will ruin your high flying adventure. Use the mouse!
Aligns Floral Numbers on Games For Boys Aligns Floral Numbers
The fragrant flowers give a special scent of mathematics. Focus and show us you're a brilliant boy. Drag and release rings to move the numbers around. Sum of all digits in line must be equl to the value iside a flower. Use the mouse to interact!
Alphabet Chaser on Games For Boys Alphabet Chaser
Boys who practice can learn faster letters, words and phrases. Letters are flying like birds and you have to get back in the alphabet. Be fast, collect and learn! Use the mouse and click all letters in an alphabet order. Learn learn learn!
Alphabetical Order on Games For Boys Alphabetical Order
Put them in Alphabetical Order, learning games for smart boys, Alphabetical Order Online.
Alphabetical Search on Games For Boys Alphabetical Search
Focus and find them all in the shortest time possible. You'll earn points for correct answer and you lose points if you click on the wrong place. You have a limited number of seconds to find all the hidden Alphabets. Use the mouse to search the area for it.
Always Less Than Twenty on Games For Boys Always Less Than Twenty
Twenty is a magic number and sometimes math revolves around it. We give you twenty reasons to improve your analytical skills. Solve math problems and puzzles by dragging numbers and answers. Use arrow keys to move the numbers up down left or right. Follow on screen instructions for more details.
Amusing Alphabet on Games For Boys Amusing Alphabet
Enjoy a speed typing skill adventure, in which letters come with high speed and your ability to concentrate is being questioned. Learn how to use the keyboard as a professional and beat all records possible. Alphabet can be a funny story!
Angelo's Math on Games For Boys Angelo's Math
Correct answers give us confidence and safety. School must have a funny side to learn easier. Angelo forgot to make the homework for tomorrow and he needs the help of boys for this one. Help him to confirm what he wrote, perhaps the answers wrong. Use the mouse and learn some things.
Angry Birds Memory Match on Games For Boys Angry Birds Memory Match
Angry birds are amazing. Today we will do exercises for developing memory using famous characters from the famous Finnish game. Boys will have to remember where Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal or Bubbles are hiding and have to find the duplicate. Use the mouse to play!
Animal Voice on Games For Boys Animal Voice
Let's see how fast you can identify an animal by the sound you out that he takes it out, after the voice he has it in its natural environment. You have to identify the name of the animal or bird and click on the picture of the correct animal or bird. Use the mouse to play!
Archaic Typeasaurus on Games For Boys Archaic Typeasaurus
The keyboard has been sent on a educational mission, thousands of years back. You have to help the prehistoric man using modern technology, enter the words that contain the letter stated. Reach the cave. As the game progresses, things get complicated because there are more letters that must be taken into account in his words. Have a great fun and be fast!
Arrow Keys Impulse on Games For Boys Arrow Keys Impulse
The arrows must be placed in predetermined order. Up, down, left or right, everything has to happen quickly. Challenge your brain and reflexes through five sets of puzzles and see how smart you really are! Use arrow keys to play this one.
Asteroid Typing on Games For Boys Asteroid Typing
The aliens have decided to attack with harsh words. Our only weapon is the ability to write quickly and accurately. The boys will learn some tips and tricks to master the keyboard. Type as fast as possible to destroy the asteroids and the invading rockets to save your city. Try to hit as many words!
Bambi and Friends in Colors on Games For Boys Bambi and Friends in Colors
Bambi, A Life in the Woods, remains to this day one of the nicest cartoon movies. The boys can change the decor in another adventure with Bambi and his friends. Let your makeover change their mundane appearance. Apply the colors appropriately. Use the mouse to play!
Barbie Hospital Visit on Games For Boys Barbie Hospital Visit
Barbie was injured yesterday. This is a medical game for little boys. Barbie tried to rescue a cute cat from a tree when the branch she was climbing on gave way. An ambulance rushed baby Barbie to the hospital where she awaits medical care asap. She is messy, dirty and in great pain. Use the mouse and help her with this sudden trouble.
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