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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Greedy Bugs Bunny Greedy Bugs Bunny
The cute bunny left in the race of his life to eat all the carrots. Bugs Bunny is greedy! Occasionally you will be able to eat the mega carrot that will grant you extraordinary super jump. The goal is to collect as many carrots as you can. Use the mouse to move and jump.
Amazing Rocket Boots Amazing Rocket Boots
The most interesting stories spring from the spirit of adventure, from the adrenaline rush and excitement. Steal the Rocket Boots from the facility and escape using their awesome rocket powers!! Follow on screen instructions for more details. Avoid lasers, collect coins and buy upgrades.
Normandy Operation Overlord Normandy Operation Overlord
This landing has changed the fate of the war and decided history until today. Operation Overlord started at 6 June 1944! This is a game about the history of the Second World War. We are in Normandy, 1944, when U.S Forces take on the German Wehrmacht. Upgrade your soldiers, drop bombs, win the battle! Use the mouse to play! Select unit then click on the battlefield to deploy. Click PLAY on the left!
Arcade (827)
Hot Pizza Shop Manager Hot Pizza Shop Manager
Managing a pizzeria may be more delicate than it seems. Boys, we must be very careful to customer requirements. You really love to cook pizza and you have recruited a new pizzeria. This place just opened and every customer as gold. pizzeria manager put you condition a month by doing that, you get a full chef position. Use the mouse!
Total Rockout Total Rockout
Play hard rock tunes follow sequence of patterns to play along.
Bricks in Galaxy Bricks in Galaxy
You have to destroy the bricks. You have to break them all on each level to move on. You can control the mouse, a game of skill and attention. Reject fast as you can and try to use the side wall for extra bonuses.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Eva Dreamed Eva Dreamed
Today I went on a difficult new search. Hello friend, my name I s Eva, my best friend Martha invited me this weekend in her house in this wonderful small city in the south of country. This is very wonderful place, and it is very romantic. Use the mouse to play this game and find those hidden objects!
Midnight in Pimlico London Midnight in Pimlico London
London police has sent the best man for this mission. Detective Frank is a boy that really enjoys his job. This night detective Frank is called at midnight, for another case. This house is located in the old part of the city of London, where the body of certain Terry, Henry's longtime business partner and friend, was found. Use the mouse, find hidden items and have some fun with the game.
Junkyard Forensic Evidence Junkyard Forensic Evidence
Every boy want to be like Sherlock Holmes, Philip Marlowe, Clouseau, Adrian Monk or Sam Spade. Let's start with a thorough search. Remember the gang that pulled the museum heists using an armored vehicle? Well, we think we located the vehicle. Try to find the hidden loot. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Motorcycle (435)
Tedious Bike Ride Tedious Bike Ride
To see how good your bike is, you need strong opponents. Speed ​​is a definitive test for any self-respecting champion. The sound of motorcycle wheels is all I want. Play it on normal or expert mode. Use arrow keys and ride like a pro!
Motorbike Traffic Jam Motorbike Traffic Jam
Motorbike Traffic Jam cool games for boys, avoid the traffic jam free motorcycle games for little boys, four-mile traffic jam for one little biker, new games with bikes worst traffic jam in the world
Unbeaten Bike Champ Unbeaten Bike Champ
Mario has the ability to transform any vehicle into a legend. Courage is the best ally. Get on your motorcycle, collect bonuses, stayed too long in the garage and go for rolling on inclined ramps to spend much time in the air. Use the arrow keys to balance you, Space to jump and A, S and D to the waterfalls.
Matching (494)
Pop Dizzily Candies Pop Dizzily Candies
All these colored stars should disappear in front of our eyes. It is a matching game gor boys with high skills of observation. The upgraded stars can get more scores. Each color of stars has six different modellings so you can make your own star type. Click more than two same candies to remove.
Tatra Car Differences Tatra Car Differences
Tatra T600 Tatraplan, 613, Tatra 80, Tatra V570 or T107 all have significant differences, niceties and details for connoisseurs. BOys, we can find them all. Locate the differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time given to play each picture! Make sure that you dont make a mistake more than five times because that will make you fail. Use the mouse and find them all!
Toyota Car Memory Match Toyota Car Memory Match
Memory is a skill we all use everyday and should be perfected in different manners. Cars are the best choice when it comes to concentration memory games. Japanese cars were chosen for this project. Toyota is our favorite brand. You have got the chance to have a lot of fun with different Toyota cars and match it in a short game-play. Match the pairs and get lucky! Use the mouse to play it!
Puzzle (1775)
Chevrolet Brookwood Jigsaw Chevrolet Brookwood Jigsaw
Classic Chevrolet Brookwood is the most coveted car on games for boys. Brookwood is the symbol of elegance and perfume in motoring. Chevy Brookwood Wagon Surfer Resto-Mod has an 383 Stroker, aluminum radiator and custom paint. On jigsaw mode you should drag the pieces into right position. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Use the mouse to fix a classic jigsaw.
Diary Of A Countess Diary Of A Countess
A famous Countess litter her intimate memories into a secret diary, a precious journal that recently disappeared. She wrote something about the secrets of her family, about everyday life, about memories, experiences and unique feelings. We need a good boy, a very good private detective, to investigate the case and find the diary. Use the mouse.
Challenge Hole Challenge Hole
Drop the blocks in the corresponding holes. A unique puzzle game that will challenge your skills. Click the blocks at the top when the Hole matches. There is a Joker that will fill all the gaps so you can take a breath for a second. If you fill a yellow hole you will earn the Joker block again. It will go faster and faster.
Cool (2039)
Elsa MakeOver For Fun Elsa MakeOver For Fun
Elsa wants to try the most interesting news in the world of makeup. Make our Elsa as beautiful as possible. Put some colors, tiaras, glasses and change Elsas face the way you want. Make some funny faces of our lovely Elsa. Use the mouse!
France Normandy Landings France Normandy Landings
Normandy Landings online games for boys, the battle of normandy history fresh games for boys, learn all about DDay landing beaches, greatest games for boys Normandy France June 6 1944
Find Similar Objects Find Similar Objects
The boys need to be careful and find two similar objects, to remove them from the image. Use the mouse and click on two identical objects.
Racing (1800)
Wheels Of Rage Wheels Of Rage
World Of Gumball means adventure, electrifying stories and ideas about freedom. We will need a driver, a boy who is able to control the yellow car on the narrow streets of this city. Gumball always aims for first position. Drive all over Elmore to get ready for Gumballs birthday bash! Use arrow keys to drive the car. Have a long journey!
Diego's Truck for Coins Diego's Truck for Coins
The most courageous boy is ready for a new adventure. The rush for old coins knows no bounds. Diego went to another expedition in search of ancient coins. The path turns into a bridge, and he suddenly interrupted, this is what awaits the traveler on the way to the place of burial artifacts. Overclock jeep and fly obstacles, collecting coins, manage arrows and not let Diego capsize. Have some fun on the road!
Heavy Double Trailer Heavy Double Trailer
Vehicles on the construction site are very heavy and extremely hard to handle. Drive a double trailer cargo and have all the fun in the world. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the truck. Adjust the speed with the obstacles in your way.Try to keep as many objects in the trailer till the finish line. Be the best driver ever!
Multiplayer (147)
Motorsports Addiction Motorsports Addiction
Motorsports Addiction games for boys free automotive games Motorsports Addiction
Finn Jack Pong Pack Finn Jack Pong Pack
The Adventure Time is back with another multiplayer game. Finn the Human and Jake the Dog will teach us a lesson about pure fun. Play this classic game of pong of Finn and Jake. First player use WASD, second one use arrow keys to move around. Try to cooperate better and to complete the mission successfully.
Do Not Stand Still Do Not Stand Still
Do Not Stand Still in multiplayer action games for boys. Must forward without fear, jump and collect as many coins for a great score. You can play alone or with a friend.
Back to School (394)
Numbered Ninjas Numbered Ninjas
Numbers must struggle daily for reliable results. Asian boys brought us an unusual game, a fantastic story that combines platform action with mathematics. Use the arrow keys to move, Z for zoom, X to throw and R to restart the mission.
Pull The Letter Pull The Letter
Pull the letter and place it in the right place. Original learning games for boys. You have to put the letters in the correct order to find words. The word can be validated only if the letters are in place. After forming the word correctly, the timer stops.
Number of Animals Number of Animals
Number of Animals in great learning games for boys. You have a minute and you must press the corresponding number of animals in the image. Jungle animals must be counted and centralized for protection. Use the mouse !
Shooting (983)
Space Dude Space Dude
Run, jump, and shoot the evil monsters.
Certain Nedrago Western Certain Nedrago Western
Wild West laws are always breached and often have to take care of yourself and your family. Enjoy this game with Nedrago and his friends Gorilaco, Rabbit and Jeacky. Return to the Wild West, kill the most wanted villains and save the innocent girls. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Ranger Trainer Program Ranger Trainer Program
Another ranger training brigade is about to come alive on games for boys. It's all about precision, swiftness, intelligence. Boys, let's have some fun with this game. Practice your ranger skills on the targets. Use the mouse!
Sports (737)
Mousy Basketball Mousy Basketball
A new sports legend is about to be born. One boy will rewrite the history of basketball. Convert yourself to stone to withstand nails, pump yourself up to jump higher and even change gravity to reach impossible spots. Avoid robotic police and fire traps, jump over spikes, dive into water and propel yourself with explosions on 50 entertaining levels. Use the mouse!
Three-Point Shoorout Three-Point Shoorout
Press space-bar as close to the center as possible to score
Simpsons Beach Volleyball Simpsons Beach Volleyball
The Simpsons went on vacation. On the first day on the beach they saw many people gathered in one place. The championship in volleyball is underway on local beach. The finalists came Flanders and Simpsons family. You need to decide which children set to play in the final. Use arrow keys and have some fun with Homer and Bart.
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