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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
World of Portal Ball World of Portal Ball
The laws of physics bring back a hint of magic on gamesforboys. The concept is very simple. A cannon sends balls and you must put 6 successive balls in the portal to disable it. To achieve this goal you have to creates your own way by intelligently positioning the cubes to direct the balls into the portal.
Spongebob Aerify Flight Spongebob Aerify Flight
SpongeBob SquarePants love creative challenges and tries all sorts of crazy adventures. Flight, the dream of mankind since ancient times, has become the main concern for our hero. Collect all the foods to open the door and enter the next level. Avoid the enemies Arrow keys to move, use Spacebar to blow bubble and float.
Ditto Memory Measure Ditto Memory Measure
A good memory is achieved through exercise, training and high ability to concentrate. Here your task is to reproduce the picture which is shown to you for a couple of seconds with complete accuracy, including shape, color and size. A perfect opportunity to train all your skills. Use the mouse and have some learning fun.
Arcade (827)
Tunnel 2.0 Tunnel 2.0
Click your mouse to fly up and shoot while travelling through the tunnel, destroying walls and enemy ships.
Shot Baller Shot Baller
Use W, A, S and D to move around, hold the mouse down and release to slam or fire your opponent into the wall.
Spring Fantasy Decoration Spring Fantasy Decoration
The boys can recreate the spring paradise. All warm and colorful elements of this season may come out in seconds. Click on the category tabs placed on the bottom of the screen, choose the items that you’d like to decorate your green corner with, then modify their size to your liking! Use the mouse and be creative!
Hidden Objects (1267)
Fall of Sweet Darkness Fall of Sweet Darkness
When autumn comes, all objects are gather on games for boys. There are small things with great significance. Some objects are very well hidden. Some strange things happen in the old part of the town. Your job is to investigate this and collect the evidences. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and have some fun with this game.
Austin Texas Treasure Austin Texas Treasure
The most interesting stories are happening in Texas and the boys are here to solve a difficult case. The fortune of the whole place lies in the hands of a mighty sheriff, this time the sheriff Macgregor. This man is in charge for the Texas region and he has been doing his job responsibly for many years behind, doesn't letting the criminals take over the place. Use the mouse and fix this case!
Nonplus Christmas Gifts Nonplus Christmas Gifts
Enjoy a point and click game on the Christmas topic. All the evidence is right in front of us. Your brother bought a gift for you and planned to present it on the eve of Christmas, but you can’t wait till Christmas. The gift is hidden somewhere in the house, find it before your brother comes to the house. Collect all necessary objects, solve clues and interesting puzzles. Use the mouse!
Motorcycle (435)
Dirt Desert Rage Dirt Desert Rage
Hot sand of the desert make the traffic to be very tricky. Ride your bike on desert and mountain terrain with lots of adventurous paths. Try to not fall and get over each unpredictable barrier. Use the mouse to control the motorcycle!
Novel Dirt Challenge Novel Dirt Challenge
Mud will fly under the wheels and you'll get all the credit. A dirt bike should be driven only by a true professional. The modified suspension and properly inflated wheels can take you to success. Use your arrow keys to steer just right and jump over all obstacles in getting first to the finish line. Use arrow keys to ride the motorcycle!
Batman Dirt Bike Ride Batman Dirt Bike Ride
Our favorite superhero decided that he must expand the area of activity. Batman has to become one of the best riders in the world. Help this Super hero Batman ride his bike off the rough terrains for a spin. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle.
Matching (494)
Humorous Monsters Connect Humorous Monsters Connect
There are monsters in this world which are nice and cozy. There are calm and friendly monsters who are trying to find pair. For removing a pair first you need to find a pair of 2 identical monsters, which can be connected with 3 or less than 3 lines. To finish a level clear all the monsters by connecting identical monsters within time limit. Use the mouse!
Findergarten Pets Findergarten Pets
Animals are the funniest actors from the world of entertainment. Boys, this is another relaxing and comforting game. Each small photo is taken from the big one. You job is to find the source of the small photo inside the big photo. Find all five small photos to complete a level. Finish all 30 levels to win the game. Use the mouse!
Pirate Clan Jewel Match Pirate Clan Jewel Match
Pirates are better than anyone on collecting valuables. Those boys live every moment for adrenaline. Stories about pirates will automatically lead us to the adventures associated with the search for pirate treasure and our game - is no exception. The leader of the young pirates found a huge treasure chest, and you will help to collect them. Follow instructions to play this game and remember that time is limited.
Puzzle (1775)
Blox Blox
Move the blocks over and match them up to remove them.
LEGO Porsche 911 GTS LEGO Porsche 911 GTS
Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Carrera GTS and Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet were introduced among LEGO models for this year. The boys will learn more about those cars from a great puzzle. On sliding mode you should drag the pieces and make this puzzle. Use the mouse to fix this puzzle!
Memory - Rings Memory - Rings
Try to repeat the pattern for as many rounds as possible
Cool (2039)
Mr Bean Hair Salon Mr Bean Hair Salon
Mister Bean is the funniest character in online games. Hair stylists and spa personnel is ready for work. Pick a time when the barber turns away to get a drink or read a book and act quickly and efficiently. Read the instructions. Use the mouse to play this game.
Master Tigress Fashion Style Master Tigress Fashion Style
Kung Fu Panda heroes are back on gamesforboys with a fashion and style requirements. The boys will bring back fashion ideas from Bao Gu Orphanage. Dress up this superhero Tigress one of the members of furious five the way you wanted as she prepares to go out battle with super villain Tai Lung. Use the mouse to play this game.
Young Doctor Fashion Style Young Doctor Fashion Style
Doctors are most appreciated social category, they are the ones that bring a smile after some difficult times. Help this smart young doctor to choose his costume and medical tools. Use the mouse to play the game.
Racing (1800)
Long Lorries Long Lorries
You can play it in single mode or in multiplayer version. In every mode you will have a computer opponent. The truck is long so watch how you take curves. Driving games for boys who want to drive freight trucks all over the world.
Four Wheeler Tractor Four Wheeler Tractor
Country life is becoming more interesting for young owners of tractors. Try to maintain the right speed and the right distance between the tractor and the trailer for you to make it in one piece to the destination. Use arrow keys to drive!
Homer Donuts Ride Homer Donuts Ride
In Springfield, cars are full of life and have their personality. Homer is one of the best drivers in the history of cartoons. Drive Homers Car, Mr. Burns Limo, The Police Car and The School Bus, Unlock the cars by completing levels.
Multiplayer (147)
Dog Playing Soccer Dog Playing Soccer
Dog Playing Soccer cool free multiplayer online games for boys, watch my dog playing soccer multiplayer online games to play with friends, latest multiplayer games with pets funny dogs playing football
Jump Over Everything Jump Over Everything
Jump Over All in new multiplayer game for boys. Use arrow keys to move and jump over wood, broken bridges or oil stains. Your mission is to get as far and to prove that you have agility. Play with your friends on a rainy afternoon.
Cable Car System Cable Car System
Use arrow keys to control this mysterious cable car. Dodge the obstacles so that passengers do not fall. Our dear passengers must arrive at the destination unharmed. Cable car is down sharply, according to gravity. This game can be played with a friend!
Back to School (394)
Coloring Judy Hopps Coloring Judy Hopps
Zootopia's police department needs a boy to bring a hint of creativity and color. I am the best Police officer in the world. Color Judy Hopps from Zootopia and have some fun with the game. Judy is Nick Wild’s best friend and you will have the chance to use a lot of colours and so you will be able to make this picture the most interesting and the most beautiful. Use the mouse!
Know Your Earth Know Your Earth
Geography games for boys, games for smart boys, all contrys in the world, Know Your Earth online games for smart boys..
Typing Speed Test Typing Speed Test
Typing Speed Test cool online games for smart boys, Typing Speed Test best typing speed test online, great online learning games, this typing test will tell you your typing speed in wpm.
Shooting (983)
Atari Hard Ball Atari Hard Ball
Jump ball as hard to get millions of hits. Boys, arcade games are amazing and Breakout is the best example in this respect. A remake of breakout only when ball hits wall it makes sharp angle bounces. Use the mouse to play this game.
Alias 2 Alias 2
Pig In The Air Pig In The Air
The pig must eat as much as possible to be happy. Use the mouse and collect all items that you need to go to the next level. Keep the mouse pressed to shoot as hard as possible and beat all records.
Sports (737)
Surf Point Blue Surf Point Blue
Surf the wave but don??t fall off
Snowboard Santa Snowboard Santa
Volleyball Volleyball
Jump up and spike as many balls over the net as you can before time runs out.
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