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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Pogo Swing With Cupid Pogo Swing With Cupid
The son of goddess Venus, Cupid, started a fascinating journey, an adventure that will reach soon in movies and books. The boys have to offer all necessary assistance and to collect beside him the highest points. Help Cupid to get the maximum of hearts while avoiding the enemies. Use the mouse to play this game.
Hellfire Hellfire
Break Flushed Bricks Break Flushed Bricks
Hundreds of colored bricks are waiting to be broken into thousands of pieces. Boys, together we will enjoy a magnificent game. Enjoy a game of Breakout with 100 levels and cool features like power-ups, aliens, turned levels and more fun. Use the mouse to move around and shoot items when they are available.
Arcade (827)
Motley Pink Motley Pink
We must destroy the blocks that unite the pink color. As you advance, the game becomes more difficult. The pink color is a symbol of joy, of hope and of wisdom.
Sea Battleship Combat Sea Battleship Combat
We can create memorable battle scenes with pencil and paper. Naval battles between battleships changed history in the last century. This is a guessing game for two players. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing player’s battleships, and ends with a fight to the death. Use the mouse!
Blob Farm Blob Farm
Drag the blobs around away from the green slime, and bowling balls, rockets, and other dangers.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Boutique Opening Day Boutique Opening Day
The shop decorator has agreed to open the shop. The boys have started the most beautiful search in recent weeks. Everything is new and details are magnificent. The team that was supposed to clean it up our new boutique just quit. Can you solve this problem in time? Use the mouse!
The Old Goods Finder The Old Goods Finder
Find objects dusty hidden in the mists of time. Boys, do not forget small items of corners. Kenneth has a lot of antiques and valuable objects that belonged to his family and he got them as a heritage. He loves those objects very much but after a while he realized that he needs some money and more space in his home so he decided to sell them. First of all he likes to place the objects in right order so it would be easier for the costumers while they are shopping. Use the mouse!
Small Objects on Phantom Ship Small Objects on Phantom Ship
Some objects hide fantastic stories and some boys can reveal them in minutes. The search is sometimes more interesting than the results found. The Phantom ship was a ship that has disappeared many years ago in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The legend says that this disappeared boat sometimes scares the ordinary sailors who travel in this part of the world. The date when this ship disappeared is known but no one knows that on the exact date of the disappearing the boat appears just for a short time. Use the mouse to play this game. Find all hidden objects.
Motorcycle (435)
Moto Downhill Ride Moto Downhill Ride
Moto Downhill Ride in motorcycle games for boys. Riding a motorcycle downhill poses some unique challenges, it is all about speed and balance. Control your bike with arrow keys to complete each level.Collect stars to earn points. Unlock achievements after every level.
Biker Barriers Biker Barriers
Accelerates and slows down only when needed. Beware of objects that come towards you and do not leave without the helmet. On every level you will find a variety of pendulums, stones and other traps that cause fatal damage to the rider. Complete all levels and prove that you are a motorcycle racer. Use arrow keys to ride the bike.
Majestic Motocross Tricks Majestic Motocross Tricks
Try to do as many tricks and get ready for when you'll have your own motocross bike, like KTM, Yamaha, Husqvarna or Suzuki. You will unlock new bikes when you finish first in some levels, try to reach the finish line with more points than your opponents.
Matching (494)
Gluten Free Vegy Crush Gluten Free Vegy Crush
The best vegetarian ingredients are back on gamesforboys for another gluten-free chapter. Enjoy a cute matching 3 puzzle story. Crush as many vegy as possible at ones to get more points. Use the mouse to play this one.
Bloons Bubbles With Tom Bloons Bubbles With Tom
Tom and Jerry, the funniest cartoon characters in the world, have come into the world of boys with a new bubble shooter game. Only we control the color wheel. The most important thing is that you can understand and know how to properly fold the three balls in a row, and then they get the same of the same color. Use the mouse!
Familiar Faces Match Familiar Faces Match
I wonder how careful we are to those around us, on their appearance and their smiling faces. Boys must always retain the friendly faces and to remember them. Swamp the faces to create a group. This is a simple and small bejeweled game, a great way to increase concentration, memory and attention. Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1775)
Infusion Tea Objects Infusion Tea Objects
From India to United Kingdom, flavored tea is a story of joy. Infusion Tea is just an excuse to enjoy each other. This is a small room where drinks and light meals are served, a special place because here the family gathers, drinking tea is just an excuse to spend some time together, far from the everyday responsibilities! Use the mouse to find hidden objects!
Color Move Logic Color Move Logic
The strategy requires extra concentration for this game. Boys may find all the answers in the world of colored squares. Solve different puzzles and figure out how to fill all the colored parts. Match all the colored tiles to its corresponding spots. Use the mouse!
Hidden on Train Hidden on Train
In this mission, we will focus on trains! Traveling by train is fantastic by definition. Whether you are on Settle-Carlisle railway, TransSiberian railroad or Glacier Express in Switzerland, train means a way of life, a state of mind. Use the mouse to find the hidden images in the pictures of trains!
Cool (2039)
Tasty Cake Icings Tasty Cake Icings
Are you looking for unique decorations for an elegant cake? Cake icings have become increasingly more sophisticated. Boys will have a lot to learn from this. Help Ella in decorating her freshly baked cakes. Choose some delicious toppings. You can mix and match any kinds of toppings to make it more delectable. Use the mouse!
Tropical Quarium Home Tropical Quarium Home
Aquarium are reassuring, dreamy and always calm. We need a skilled boy, an interior designer able to decorate our house exactly as we dreamed. We will learn how to build an aquarium environment. We want to design our home like a tropical aquarium but we need some professional help. If you are interested, can you help us out? Use the mouse and be creative!
Pou Bathing Time Pou Bathing Time
Summer comes with new habits for cartoon characters. It is cleaning time for Pou and the boys must be present on duty, for bathing. Help him to go through all the steps that a nice warm bath requires. Soaping, rinsing and a few water games are in order. Use the mouse to play this game.
Racing (1800)
Supreme Pursuit 3D Supreme Pursuit 3D
It's time to compete alongside the best. Race against the others in this extreme pursuit! Beware of oil stains, holes, rocks and other obstacles. Use the arrow keys to drive!
Happy Easter Driving Happy Easter Driving
Easter should be a joy for everyone. Time is running. Sales grow on this occasion should make sure that everything goes as planned. Everyone needs to have their eggs and candy on time! Use the arrow keys to drive!
Bus Parking 3D World Lesson Bus Parking 3D World Lesson
School bus driver jobs are available right now, on gamesforboys. Meet all requirements to become a bus driver. With new and challenging stages that will test your driving skills. Get your steering wheel ready and start maneuvering that big bus on those tight turns and curves. Finish all the stages and get all the achievements. Use arrow keys to drive, Space to break and 1-2 to change camera.
Multiplayer (147)
Astroman Reborn Astroman Reborn
Cosmic adventures are the most exciting. Have a magic journey as you blast through the universe in search for falling stars. Try to collect all the ribbons, or battle your friends head to head! Player One use WASD and Space to kick, Player Two use arrow keys to move and X to kick.
Greatest Goalkeepers Greatest Goalkeepers
You have to train every day to be the best and win everything. Player 1 moves with "A,D" keys to left-right and shoots with "S" key. And player 2 moves with "J-L" keys and shoots with "K" key. Game consists of two halves and each half continues 45 seconds. Who scores more, he wins the game.
Medieval France Bowman Medieval France Bowman
Medieval France Bowman multiplayer free flash games for boys, medieval and renaissance arcade multiplayer online games for boys free download, be the best medieval archer, play with your friend latest medieval flash games
Back to School (394)
Zoological Memory Deluxe Zoological Memory Deluxe
We have hundreds of animals in our memory. The boys have to match them in a predetermined order. Animals are angels who live among us. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. Use the mouse!
Doli Alphabet Recognition Doli Alphabet Recognition
The boys will make contact with a number of fascinating things. The alphabet, handwriting, numbers can create a colorful universe in our minds. Learn the A, B, Cs as you discover the hidden Doli Alphabet. Use the mouse to play this game and learn a thing or two!
Dry Desert Typing Dry Desert Typing
The clouds of universal literature pours over the arid deserts. Monegros Desert, Sonoran, Gobi or Rangipo desert, everywhere it is the same. The boys will learn to type with an interactive story. Typing words and letters will come increasingly faster as you can to advance level by level.
Shooting (983)
Balloony Balloony
Shoot down anything that flies, floats, glides, except your own friends.
Brave Train Raiders Brave Train Raiders
With bullets and grenades you are the last hope of this train to nowhere. You got to hold and reach the destination of your life. Armed with a pistol a large calibre, you have to keep cargo on a train. She needs to be delivered and you are handsomely paid for it. Use the mouse to play the game.
The Last Commander The Last Commander
Original shooting games for boys and mercenaries of forgotten wars. Your objective is to shoot all enemies and destroy their camps to complete the mission. Buy new weapons from the shop to Upgrade after every level and destroy enemy camps to win the game.
Sports (737)
Beach Tennis Beach Tennis
Play volleyball in different levels.
Hockey World Cup Hockey World Cup
Champions of today are deciding in the last seconds. Sometimes, the fastest is the best one! Instead of scoring goals, this air-hockey game is all about destroying your opponent's cubes before time's up. Slam the puck with your mallet. The faster you move your mouse, the more powerful your shot. Have all the fun in the world!
Bowling Technics Bowling Technics
Bowling games for boys, use your mouse to play it, How do I improve my bowling action and get more speed into the ball, Bowling sports games for boys, Bowling for fun
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